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From Director's Desk

Warm Greetings,

I started my Paediatric Surgery practice in 1988 in the hamlet of Agashi, my hometown, which is about 20 minute ride from Virar railway station. The fishing coastal town of Arnala is a short drive from here with beautiful sandy beaches. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty with picturesque villages along the coastline dotted with lush green farms and ponds. The majority population is of farmers and occupations allied with agriculture with very few tertiary care services established in the district.

During the course of my practice, I soon realized that the area lacked good quality medical and surgical care and patients with mild ailments would need to be transported to bigger hospitals in Bombay city increasing risks to the patients and financial burden to the families. There were a couple of hospitals run by charitable trusts, but they could not sustain the need of the community due to lack of infrastructure and speciality doctors.

With a view to serving the community better, we started our first project, Shushrusha Hospital at Agashi. We were providing surgical and medical care to the needy population at affordable rates. The response from the community was overwhelming and the project grew with time. Soon enough, it reached a point when it was not possible to expand the nursing home further due to constraints of lack of space. We would be greatly saddened to refuse patients owing to non availability of beds or lack of advanced operative instruments even when specialist doctors were available.


Dr. Harshavardhan Patil

Out of this dream was born Sahayog Hospital and Research Centre in 2008. This project has also grown gradually over the time and is able to sustain the growing needs of the population. Our initial patient base of Vasai Taluka has expanded greatly and now we regularly get patients coming from area beyond Dahanu and Talasari which are tribal areas. At the same time, we are happy to see patients coming from suburban Mumbai seeking quality healthcare services at an affordable rate. I feel this is the real moment of success especially when I look back at the days when we would need to refer patients to Mumbai. This is owing to the expansion and advancement of our facilities at an affordable cost along with good results to the patients. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical care to the variety of patient populations. We focus especially towards paediatric patients as this is a vulnerable group needing timely care.

This project would not have been possible without the support of our esteemed colleagues who have provided us support 24x7. The full-time consultants are a dedicated group always eager to serve patients round the clock. At the same time, we have a team of visiting consultants who are available at a short notice. With their support, we continuously strive for excellence and achieve our mission through high quality management with a team of highly qualified resident doctors and dedicated paramedical and support staff.

At your next visit to this hospital, I guarantee you the best in healthcare with the available resources at an affordable cost. Your positive feedback is our reward; your constructive criticism helps us serve you better next time.

Dr. Harshavardhan Patil
( Director Administration )

  • Patient care is our primary concern.
  • Up to date skills and knowledge with innovation.
  • Prompt action if patient safety is being compromised
  • To establish and maintain good partnerships with our patients and colleagues
  • To maintain trust in oneself and the profession by being open, honest and acting with integrity.

Quality Policy ?

Sahayog Hospital and research centre has always been committed towards quality Patient Care and this has enabled us to excel in results and overall patient outcome. The salient features highlighted in our quality policy as follows:

  • To apply updated professional knowledge and experience to clinical practice to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.
  • To base our treatment on evidence-based guidelines and latest surgical techniques to ensure minimal patient morbidity and early recovery.
  • Strict adherence to protocols and clinical guidelines with zero tolerance for compromise in patient safety.
  • To record our work clearly, accurately and legibly with regular audit.
  • To respond to risks safely and effectively.
  • To communicate effectively and work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure healthy work environment.