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Children’s Heart Clinic is a patient's first stop after a referral from a primary care doctor or a Pediatrician. Kids with known or suspected heart disease are seen by our European (EACVI/AEPC) certified in Congenital Heart Disease Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Manveen Patil who will meet with your family and assess your child’s heart. She will then recommend and coordinate a care plan for your child’s diagnosis.

What to expect at your child’s first Pediatric Cardiology Clinic appointment?

Your family will be greeted by our front desk coordinator who will check you in and then transfer you to a nursing team. Our specialized cardiac nurse will weigh and measure your child, take his/her heart rate and blood pressure, and then escort you to an examination room.

During the initial appointment, most kids receive an electrocardiogram (ECG), Chest X ray and an echocardiogram (ECHO). These tests are nothing for your child to be afraid of; they’re non-invasive, not painful, and performed in a safe and friendly environment. These two tests, along with an examination and review of your child’s medical history, usually provide enough information for the cardiologist to make a diagnosis and develop a plan for ongoing cardiac care.

How long will it take?

You should plan to be in the Children’s Heart Clinic for up to one hour for your child’s first visit. We know this is a lengthy appointment, but our goal is to complete the tests, be able to make a diagnosis, and discuss our care plan with you all on the same day. We find this helps save time and reduces stress on you and your child. Occasionally, children will need to come back for further testing.

Can I feed my baby while performing the echocardiogram?

Yes, absolutely. In fact we encourage mothers to feed newborn babies and infants while we are performing the 2D ECHO to make the little ones comfortable in the mother’s lap. If you are not breast feeding the baby due to some reason, we encourage you to get extra feeds with you when you come for the appointment.

Scheduling your first visit

To set up your child’s initial appointment at our clinic you can call us at +917798220982 or +919307808384, or your child’s primary care doctor can make a referral directly to our Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist. The schedulers will gather your child’s information (name, age, address, symptoms and clinical diagnosis.